Floor Standing Decorations


Some clients prefer to decorate tables relatively simply but wish to have some decorations around the room.  These are just some ideas for floor standing decorations we can provide - these can also go at the ends of the top table or buffet table or at door or stair entrances.

New Deco Bubble floor decoration



These deco bubble balloons come in a range of patterns - hearts, butterflies, plain, scroll filligree, swirls, flowers, snowflakes, joined hearts, so lots to choose from.  These decorations retail from £28

Mr and Mrs balloon decoration

This balloon is white and silver but any balloon colour can be added.  Great to go between the bride and groom, buffet table, guest book or cake tables.


These retail at £10.00.

Heart Statues


The heart statues retail from £24.00 each.


Champagne and glass arrangement is £15, Just married champagne foil arrangement is £13, Just married with minis arrangement is £12.

There are many other ideas that can be created for floor decorations - all of the sets of 3 and sets of 5 shown on the table decorations page can also be from the floor. 

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