Gentlemen's Favours


The gents don't like missing out nowadays so we have a great range of favours for them to enjoy.  All our box favours include mint imperials or sugared almonds , but many other fillings are available - see our fillings range page. 

Mini Chocolate Beer Mugs (white and milk chocolate layered to look like a pint of beer - these are something I designed myself, and have had great feedback from brides who have been very amused at watching the guests digging the chocolate from the beer mugs.  These retail at £1.40 each.

Top Hat Favours - These come in a wide range of colours and can be trimmed with matching or contrasting coloured ribbon.  The price of £1.80 includes either sugared almonds or mint imperials.

Suit Boxes - there are several boxes to choose from, one is plain so you can choose decoration for the button hole.  These retail at £1.00 which include almonds or mint imperials, other fillings are available.



Lantern box favours filled with alcohol miniatures - we do not have an alcohol licence but will happily dress miniatures in these lovely lantern boxes which are clear with either silver or gold edging and can be personalised with labels and curling ribbon to match your wedding's colour scheme.  These retail at £1.10.