Favour Bags


These favour bags are known as Bomboniere, and are made out of tulle or netting and are a traditional Italian gift from the bride to her guests.  Each of these little decorated bags would contain five sugared almonds for health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility.  Nowadays some brides love to keep this tradition, but others like to fill the bags with their favourite sweets - see the fillings page for a comprehensive list of yummy things that can be added to your favour bags.  All the prices listed include sugared almonds or mint imperials.

Satin edge bags have tulle in either white or ivory and satin ribbon edging (large range of colours) to compliment your chosen colour scheme.  These favour bags retail at £1.40 each

Shimmer cristal bags come in a variety of shades - forest green and silver, royal blue and silver, lilac and silver (shown above), burgundy and silver, antique gold and silver and mauve and silver.  These bags retail at £1.40 each.

Organza bags can be either left plain or decorated with labels, flowers and bows etc.  For plain filled with almonds or mint imperials the bags retail at 80p and for decorated 95p.  They come in a huge range of colours.


Zig zag shimmer bags come in either gold or silver but then your main colour can be added in the middle tulle layer and with the flowers, beading and decoration you decide for the middle.  These retail for £1.40 each.


Glitter edge bags have several colour edge border colours - white, pink, black, burgundy, forest green, peach, lilac, bottle green, silver and gold.  These retail at £1.30 each


Shadow edge tulle bags can be made with either a zig zag or scalloped edge.  They are available in black, peach, burgundy, lilac, bottle green, royal blue, gold, purple, dark pink, pink and terracotta.  These retail at £1.30 each

Satin feather bags - ideal for larger filling favours such as candles, larger chocolates or sweets that won't fit well in the boxes.  These can also be handy for keeping the bride's lipstick in so she always has it to hand.  These are available in ivory, pink, white, burgundy and lilac and retail at £1.00 empty